Beeldend werk

Turning sculpture of Slow
Human turning with polyprop.
Holding bubbles
Fotografieproject tussen Aishwarya Sakhare, Zoë Roesch en Lize Pede.
I wish to find myself again
Performers standing still in public space.
T-shirts: I wish to find myself again
Each phone has it's one unique sound, together they are a choir.

Picture taken by
Simple Song
Cellophane plastic

Picture taken by: Elies Van Renterghem
Hanging Sculpture
Hanging sculpture.
When he leans back, her legs float in the air.
When he stands up straight, her legs go to the ground. Together they keep each other in balance.

Picture taken by: Maria El Peno
Burn-out #2
Fireman holds umbrella.
Living sculpture.
Burn-out #1
Fireman holds Isothermal blanket in his hands.
It crackels when he slowly opens his hands.

Picture taken by Mario Leko
Skin is being pulled up.

Picture taken by Mario Leko.
Levend sculptuur 2016.
Assistentie: Simon Vanheukelom.
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